Asked on May 1, 2017

Can used coffee grounds and/or eggshells help fertilize roses?

LizChristineLaura Pidduck-Zappetti


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5 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 1, 2017

    Coffee grounds are used for acidic plants.
  • Sam
    on May 1, 2017

    Also add Epsom salts!
  • Laura Pidduck-Zappetti
    on May 1, 2017

    absolutely use coffee grounds for roses!! they love the used grounds
    mix well with the soil and check on the internet on some trusted sites for your zone to see how much you will have to use for your area
    • Marge
      on May 1, 2017

      Thanks for taking the time to answer. As it would happen, I just made a cup of coffee & will use the grounds today!
      Thanks to Hometalk too!
  • Christine
    on May 2, 2017

    I use egg shells and banana peels for my roses. Crush the egg shells up when they dry and cut the bananas peels , mix together make a trench and add the grinds cover with some soil. Coffee grinds I mix with my potting soil for my planters. All work well.
    • Marge
      on May 2, 2017

      Thanks so much. I'll be sure to try. With all this help we'll certainly have the best roses on the block!
  • Liz
    on May 2, 2017

    My "granny" had the prettiest roses in the neighborhood . She passed away forty years ago. But I spent all my growing up years in the summers with her . She saved all her coffee grounds for her roses. Save the water from boiling your eggs is good for your plants, so I would thing the shell would do as well' We live in Florida.
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