Followup to beautiful mystery evergreen residing in North Carolina:)

First of all, thank you to each of you who responded to assist us in the identification of this beautiful speciman! We have since taken vacation residence in the area and have had the time to, personally, canvass the professionals with our pictures of this unusual tree. As luck would have it, we not only found the professional who knew exactly what species she was, but it was his nursery where the former owner purchased her and her sister about 12 years ago! How did he remember this single sale?....he purchased four of them from a grower in Oregon, the only place he could find them and sold two to our former owner.

Now that you have the background, I'm happy to report that the scientific name for this lovely tree is....CUNNINGHAMIA LANCEOLATA....commonly referred to as the CHINA FIR....

A special thank you to Brent Hall of Country Road Farms in Sylva, NC for finally solving this dilema!

Happy Spring to all of you!

Michael and Elizabeth Currie
Franklin, NC
e followup to beautiful mystery evergreen residing in north carolina
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