Asked on May 1, 2017

Gentle way to get rid of groundhogs?

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  • Beth Shorts
    on May 1, 2017

    Bunches of suggestions:
    • Get a dog . Groundhogs are afraid of dogs.
    • Take hair from your hairbrush, ask your hairdresser for the hair clippings they sweep up, and spread human hair around your garden, and any other areas you are trying to protect, AND around the groundhog holes.
    • Spread used cat litter around the groundhog holes.
    • Garlic! Groundhogs hate the smell/taste of garlic, so sprinkle garlic powder around their holes.
    • If you are growing a vegetable garden, harvest your veggies as soon as possible because they attract groundhogs
    • Trim back overgrown foliage, and remove piles of rock and brush from your yard in order to take away hiding places and make groundhogs feel more exposed
    • Fill their abandoned burrows with rocks or gravel or even just mud
  • Nancy Turner
    on May 2, 2017

    I had trouble with a roaming groundhog in my garden at the house I last lived in. There was an apartment building next to our house and the guys in one apartment saw it going over my little chicken wire fence once. They knew about them from home and solved the problem for me. The took all there left over vegetables and peelings and put them in their park lot to keep them fed without getting into my garden. I never had trouble with it again. Nice Neighbors! I let them have whatever they wanted out of my garden after that in thanks. Maybe you could put veggie leftovers and scraps out in a place away from your garden and keep them satisfied without getting in to destroy the garden.
  • Virginia
    on May 2, 2017

    I was looking in a catalog from Northern Tool and there is a device that uses solar sound to get rid of critters like that in a safe and humanly manner - it's only $25 and covers like 25 thousand feet. I have moles, I am going to buy one for them!!! Good Luck!!!!
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