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Inexpensive (DIY) Cocktail Tables

3 Materials
2 Hours

With graduation right around the corner, I wanted cocktail tables around the yard without the expense of purchasing or renting them.

Being frugal and practical, I looked around the yard and got a little creative. So here was my solution:

  • large round tomato plant cages ($3)
  • table tops ($10)
  • paint (optional)
  • tablecloths (I recommend a fabric vs. paper tablecloths)
inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 1: Get large tomato cages. You will want the ones that are good weight wire.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 2: I purchased a few of the 18 inch table tops at Lowe's for about $10 each.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 3: I drilled four (4) holes through the table top - 2 inches from the center of the table top.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 4: Then I pulled the tomato cage through the holes and cut the wire off at the height I wanted the tables. It might take a little time and muscle to cut the wire.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 5: I used gorilla glue in the holes to keep the table top in place, then covered the holes with some cute coasters I had from New Year's. I painted the top of the table with various sized round sponges. Clearly you can paint the table, seal the table, etc.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 6: Since I liked the table tops, I left them exposed.

inexpensive cocktail tables

Step 7: I took an old tablecloth, sewed a quick hem - and strung a cord through the hem. Tied it to the top of the wire cage....and there you have it! Cocktail Tables.

Suggested materials:

  • Table tops ($10)  (Lowe's)
  • Large round tomato plant cages ($3)  (Lowe's)
  • Paint  (Lowe's in the sample paint section)

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2 questions
  • Valerie Van Bergeijk
    on May 7, 2017

    How sturdy are they?

  • Mary
    on May 7, 2017

    how sturdy are the tables? Once you start putting drinks, food on them etc. do they hold up??

    • Stephanie Longo
      on Aug 31, 2017

      I would have attached the table top to the other end of the cage with something like heavy duty staples or something and then used the loose ends for what they were designed for, sticking in the ground!😁 Either way, great idea!

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