Inexpensive (DIY) Cocktail Tables

With graduation right around the corner, I wanted cocktail tables around the yard without the expense of purchasing or renting them.

Being frugal and practical, I looked around the yard and got a little creative. So here was my solution:

- large round tomato plant cages ($3)
- table tops ($10)
- paint (optional)
- tablecloths (I recommend a fabric vs. paper tablecloths)

Time: 2 HoursCost: $20Difficulty: Medium
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 1: Get large tomato cages. You will want the ones that are good weight wire.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 2: I purchased a few of the 18 inch table tops at Lowe's for about $10 each.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 3: I drilled four (4) holes through the table top - 2 inches from the center of the table top.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 4: Then I pulled the tomato cage through the holes and cut the wire off at the height I wanted the tables. It might take a little time and muscle to cut the wire.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 5: I used gorilla glue in the holes to keep the table top in place, then covered the holes with some cute coasters I had from New Year's. I painted the top of the table with various sized round sponges. Clearly you can paint the table, seal the table, etc.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 6: Since I liked the table tops, I left them exposed.
  • inexpensive cocktail tables
Step 7: I took an old tablecloth, sewed a quick hem - and strung a cord through the hem. Tied it to the top of the wire cage....and there you have it! Cocktail Tables.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Table tops ($10)  (Lowe's)
  • Large round tomato plant cages ($3)  (Lowe's)
  • Paint  (Lowe's in the sample paint section)