How do i get more planting space?

I don't have a big area for planting and the area I do have I plant tomatoes, the small area in front of tomatoes is a walkway to the gate... my question is ,,, How do I make more space to plant veggies
q how do i get more planting space
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  • Mary Anne Paider Mary Anne Paider on May 01, 2017
    You could remove the rocks and concrete on the side of the tomatoes and turn that into garden space.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 01, 2017
    Instead of fighting with your space chose vegetables that can be grown in large pots.
  • Dam2068431 Dam2068431 on May 02, 2017
    You could put the tomatoes in hanging bags such as the Topsy Turvey brand (easily found on That would free-up the area for other veggies.
  • Cindy Cindy on May 02, 2017
    Maybe add some poles to use hanging baskets for some and containers on the retaining wall by your lighthouse.
  • Cindy Staff Fraga Cindy Staff Fraga on May 02, 2017
    Has anyone ever used pvc pipes for extra planting?
  • Gal17761670 Gal17761670 on May 02, 2017
    I use extra large plastic storage bins. Drill several drainage holes on the bottom and around the lower edges. Gravel in bottom. Fill with top-grade potting soil. It is my rendition of raised bed gardening. With help they are also mobile.
  • Zwe22422209 Zwe22422209 on May 02, 2017
    Build a planter trough with screws, 2x4s, 4x4s, plywood, heavy duty wheels, weed guard fabric, and potting soil. Frame your box whatever size you want with 2x4s, and screws, with 4x4s on either inside of outside of 4 corners, depending on what you prefer, and then add heavy duty wheels to bottom of 4x4s. Then cut plywood to size of inside of your frame, and screw in. Drill holes in bottom of plywood for drainage. Can staple weed guard fabric inside trough to keep from loosing any soil, and buy good potting mix to fill trough, and plant. I built my trough at waist high so I wouldn't have to bend over all the time and it is mobile if you need to clear your walk way at any time.
    Project to big? Or complicated? Simply buy pots and put on wheels for easy moving when needed.
  • Mar17771998 Mar17771998 on May 02, 2017
    Check out "City Pickers" on the Home Depot site. They are fantastic. I have two and have basil, rosemary, zucchini, tomatoes, Asian eggplant, cilantro and lavender.
  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on May 02, 2017
    Get a pair of wooden stairs risers and add window planters. You might have to brace the front and back with boards screwed to the risers. Now you can plant almost verticle. You can also hang gutters with end caps and add a couple of drain holes. Good for herbs and lettuces.
  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on May 02, 2017
    I have an 8ft section of privacy fence that I cut down to 5 feet high. In front of each end I have a very large round pot. * NOTE!! you can also cut down plastic or metal barrels for these!! This is where I plant my tomatoes. I usually put 6 plants in each pot and always have loads of tomatoes.In front of the rest of the fence I use smaller pots for my other veggies. Then there is a narrow path in front of the pots. In front of that I have a very nice strawberry path. This is how I made great use of an eight foot by eight foot space for gardening. BTW, I entwine 1 large and 2 small tomato cages in each large pot for the tomato's to climb on then let the vines trail along the top of the fence.
  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on May 02, 2017
    LOL Thats !!strawberry patch!! not path
  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on May 02, 2017
    grow vertical gardens - hang them on any wall or fence - suggest you google to get some great ideas.
  • Bun9227563 Bun9227563 on May 02, 2017
    Go to a web sight called The Garden Patch and check out their grow boxes. Great product.
  • Margaret Armagh McMullen Margaret Armagh McMullen on May 03, 2017
    Build up.....
  • Go up, get some free pallets, put 2 together, cut middle boards down, can fit skinny window boxes into it, add soil, plants. Can paint them in fun designs/colors, and use them as screens or partitions in the yard. Attach hooks to the sides, hang potted plants off the hooks. Go wild.
  • Cindy Cindy on Aug 03, 2017
    I am looking at that concrete wall on the other side of the pool. You could attach planting boxes all along that wall. There's quite a bit of space there so you could make boxes all along that wall. Good luck.
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