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$2 Repurposed Tablecloth Kitchen Chairs Makeover

For the past few months I've been giving my kitchen a low budget, practically no budget, makeover.
With the new aqua with red accents colour scheme my table and chairs no longer fit it. It was time for a much needed makeover.
This type of chair has a seat that's easily removeable from underneath with just a screwdriver.
The 60" round cotton blend tablecloth that I found at a thrift store for $2 makes it easy to use the pattern on the diagonal rather that as a straight check. To do this just fold the fabric into a quarter of itself and simply place the seat like above.
Cut the fabric leaving enough for stapling. No measuring required. If you have excess fabric it can just be cut when the stapling is all done. I was lucky that the old fabric wasn't too thick so I didn't have to remove it. This saved me a ton of time.
To staple the fabric start with the centre of each side pulling tight, but not too tight as you staple. When you have a staple in each side turn the seat over to make sure it looks good. This is the time to fix it if it doesn't because removing a few staples isn't a big deal. If all is ok make your way out from the centres to the corners, pulling and stapling, pulling and stapling.
Here's what it looks like all stapled.
To see my detailed tutorial with photos for how to finish the corners like a pro check it out using the link at the end of this post.
One seat down and three to go.
I painted my chairs with the same diy mixed paint colour that I used on the kitchen china cabinet, which is a mixture of the kitchen cabinet aqua and the white wall colour. Both were water based paint and primer combos.
Because the chairs had already been painted I didn't need to sand.
Painting the chairs took far longer than recovering the seats. Because of the dark burgundy colour it took 3 coats of the light aqua.
My chair seats took about two hours, and I'm really glad that I went with the diagonal pattern. It just gives it another dimension of fun I think.
My kitchen table also got a makeover. To see what the chairs look like with the new table follow the link for this post.

To see more: http://thriftyrebelvintage.com/2017/03/repurposed-tablecloth-kitchen-chairs-makeover.html/

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