How can I organize my bedroom?

Bed room - medium size but have lots of cloths and shoes & share basis-now it is looks like store room rather than bed room :(
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  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 02, 2017
    first, take out everything you haven't worn in at least a year. if you have worn them in that amount of time you probably won't. store somewhere for a few months, then donate. next, add an extra hanging rod to the closet and maybe a shelf. put shoes in storage containers under the bed.
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    • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 03, 2017
      Ok. Try this, use tension rods for closet poles. They should work. This way you won't damage the walls. Also, try putting over-the-door hangers were ever you can. These also will not damage the property. You could still sort and store what you can.
  • Janey B. Janey B. on May 02, 2017
    Agree! Downsizing is freeing and works wonders for your storage issues. If you havent worn it in quite a while or if it doesn't float your boat anymore, donate. Shoes are a big issue and really, how many do you need? If storage is tight, and it is at my house, purge.
  • Angela Angela on May 02, 2017
    You can design some great storage/seating ideas out of crates. These can be really useful for out of season shoes.
  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on May 02, 2017
    Under the bed storage boxes are the best things ever for out of season clothing . Take a Saturday to purge and donate what you never wear (including hats,shoes, purses) and separate the rest by season .
  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on May 03, 2017
    Downsizing, definitely - make sure you donate things that are still in good condition. Other than that, do you organize clothes and shoes by season? We built shelves around the perimeter of our room, close to the ceiling, and we store things in nice looking crates there that are out of season or that we don't use much. It helped a LOT, because it's not on the floor, in the closet, or in the drawers...
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