Asked on May 2, 2017

What's the best way to clean oil rubbed bronze bathroom fixture?

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There are hard water deposits on the bathroom faucets that even vinegar won't get out . Please help ?
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  • Hillela G.
    on May 3, 2017

    • Clean the faucet surface with a clean towel to remove water spots. A lint-free cleaning towel, flannel cloth, or micro-fiber cloth is an excellent choice for this step. If spots remain, move on to the next step.
    • Mix 1 tablespoon of salt into 3 quarts of mildly warm tap or distilled water and stir the mixture until the salt dissolves completely.
    Spread the salt and water mixture over the faucet and scrub off the water spots with a bristle brush. Wipe the solution away, rinse and then dry the faucet with a towel.
  • C. D. Scallan
    on May 3, 2017

    I'll try it. Thank you .
  • We have really awful water where I live and get spots even on chrome. I have an old 100% cotton washcloth under each sink in the house. After every use, I wipe down in order not to have a build up. Granted not everyone can do this in a busy household - even once a day will help, like before you go to bed.
  • Debigray
    on May 3, 2017

    Try spraying with some WD40 . I let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe off excess. This will leave a coating on your faucet and help in between cleanings as it repels water.
  • Bobbie
    on May 3, 2017

    I clean my faucets with glass cleaner then spray them with lemon oil furniture polish and buff to a shine. It will help the water to roll off the fixture for a day or so without leaving spots.
  • Sarin Rhodes
    on May 23, 2017

    Thank you for the responses.
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