What plants can I have in my no-sun Condo?

Indoor, our condo apartment gets very little, to no sun. What kind of plant could I have in my home that would not mind this too much? The only sun we get is first thing in the morning and it doesn't last long. I miss having a living plant in my home.
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  • C.B. C.B. on May 03, 2017
    My suggestion: Place African Violets on the window ledge where you get the most sun; they love early morning sun & when they ae ng well they will reward you with colorful flowers. Don't be afraid to supplement plants with light provided by a florescent lamp; the special lights can be acquired at the local pet store, they are used for maintaining aquarium plants. Happy Growing!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 03, 2017
    Low light plants....Agloema,snake,pathos,philodendron
  • Richardstarling Richardstarling on May 03, 2017
    Just to name a few: Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Japanese Sedge, Money Plant, Peperomia, Sword Fern, Prayer Plant, Peacock Plant, Creeping Fig, Unbrella Plant, Parlor Palm, and Mother-in-laws tongue.
    • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on May 03, 2017
      Hi Richardstarling... thank you for your reply. I'll write down the plants you have named and see if I can get them. Peace Lily sounds lovely and Mother-in-laws Tongue sounds very intriguing! :)
  • Crystal Crystal on May 03, 2017
    air plants
  • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on May 03, 2017
    Hi C.B. Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate your response.
  • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on May 03, 2017
    Thank you for your response, Janet. Much appreciated...
    Does it matter that I live in B.C., Canada? The only one of those you mentioned that I'm familiar with is the philodendron... can it be grown in a pot? Thanks.
  • Robyn Robyn on May 03, 2017
    Pothos, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Snake plant, and a ZZ plant will do well with no Sun.
  • Lai2028314 Lai2028314 on May 03, 2017
    Have ever tried Philadendron?
  • Crystal Crystal on May 03, 2017
    yes!!! there great