Patio Bar Cabinet or Chicken Coop?

After building our concrete patio bar and finishing with an acid wash, it was time to seriously move forward on creating my bar.

While out and about, I found an old chicken coop/transport cage at a garage sale down the road for $20 and the 'idea' was born!

Did I mention I live in a town where there is 'Tyson Chicken' everything? Hatcheries? Processing, etc? Here, chicken 'anything' is pretty easy to find.
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, My inspiration
My inspiration
First and foremost, I had to get the thing home and give it a very nice clorox scrub down. Chickens can be dirty creatures and I didn't need any 'ick' in the house!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Chicken wire
Chicken wire
I then picked up a roll of chicken wire at Tractor supply for $30 as I wanted to be able to use this in the back of the cage for hanging items.
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop
I was lucky as the cage was in great shape!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Door
Even the door/lid worked perfectly!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Crafting supplies
Crafting supplies
I dug through my crafting supplies to find some 'decor.' I ending up making little signs from scrap wood, using eyet screws for hanging and burlap string.

As to the signs, I painted the wood blocks white, then I painted them with blue chalk paint after drying. I then used my stencils and wood engraver and made little signs like 'welcome' and 'peace' that I hung off and in the coop.

I also had some led light string that I strung across the back of the coop on the chicken wire that can light up at night by pushing a button.
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Wine anyone
Wine anyone?
So, I finally had to get the hubby to attach the cage to the brick with mortar anchors. It was very secure.

I then went to work adding in my decor.

My clever husband then decided he could simply cut small slits in the bottom of the cage - large enough to allow a wine glass to slide in and be held snuggly.
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Shelves
I then painted and cut two more pieces of wood to size (supported by the side rails of the cage) to put in a shelf about half way down and another shelf on the bottom to hold my bar goodies!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Another view
Another view
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Shelf success
Shelf success
The shelves were just tall enough to hold the bottles of the things we enjoy!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Bar cabinet
Bar cabinet
It's already to be filled for the summer. I have the door help open with a burlap string for now and once we get a little nicer weather, it will be filled.

In the meantime, we have found that our cats?? love to sit in this! UGH..

Hope you enjoyed. I'd love your feedback. Also, when I get it stocked, I will add in a nice nighttime pic with the lights and all.
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, At last
At last!
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, Uninvited Guests
Uninvited Guests
They love this space.. Ugh
patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, and so it hangs
and so it hangs
Cannot wait to fill it up and put this to use!
Thanks for reading!

Suggested materials:

  • Chicken Coop/trasport  (Garage sale)
  • Chicken wire  (Tractor Supply)

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  • Ard7370318
    on May 10, 2017

    What a clever use of something that would otherwise have been thrown away and forgotten. Looks so cute and so useful! I would suggest putting a wicker basket with some wood shavings, or greenery in it and add a pretty resin hen in your basket and place it on top of your wonderful creation for added punch. Or you could add a couple of cute hen and rooster appliques glued to the front of your box. Personally I like the sitting hen idea the best and you could glue the basket down so it won't move even on a windy day. Also want to add that I love your outdoor kitchen. Great job and one that will last a lifetime.

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  • Pamrwilson
    on May 23, 2017

    I have a "turkey coop", a little taller than the chicken size. I wanted to make a "coffee table" out of it, but it's too big for my room. Anybody interested in it let me know. If you live close to Conroe, TX. I want what I paid for it $100. Sorry to grandstand Cherie but I couldn't help it. I want sombody to enjoy it, it's in my garage.

  • GinnySue Welch
    on Jun 7, 2017

    Very resourceful! Love the finished version!!

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