🔨 Build: How to Build a Queen Japanese Style Platform Storage Bed

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6 Hours

Yesterday for my 52nd birthday I spent the bulk of the day in methodical silence building the Japanese style Queen size platform storage bed of my dreams. It took building plans popped into my head as God thoughts, four shelving units I purchased almost ten years ago for this purpose, two 2x6 80" boards, eleven 2x4 62" boards, 58 2 1/2 " screws and my body's pain  , ..to create strength and purpose for lumber.

Building order in the midst of chaos.
First I placed the five shelving units in aesthetically pleasing positions to fit my organization style, the way I utilize and move about my room and of course to serve as the legs and base of the bed. I also attempted to screw the bottom units together to discourage shifting of the shelves. Then I screwed down the first 2x6x80 " board by measuring and spacing the screws to fit the pattern of the shelving units. Two screws at the top for the small front end shelving unit and four for the larger side shelving unit. 
Getting Organized Now!
Next, I finally removed the mattress and other items I should have already gotten out of the way and I laid down the second 2x6x80 " board. Same spacing on screws.
Note: The headboard and medal rod in the middle are the only items remaining from my original IKEA bed. Neither item is needed as the mid rod is too low to provide any support for the new bed and the headboard is basically being held up by the wall and the mid rod. I only kept it for looks and attempted to stabilize it by screwing two extra screws (I found in my junk draw) thru the back of the front shelving units into the headboard, one on each side.  
Board Up!
Next step was to start laying out the eleven 2x4 62" boards with almost 4 1/4 inch spacing in between. I placed one screw in the middle, 2" from the end on both sides of each board.
One board at a time.
Getting to the Ends!
Left End Table
Finally I was almost ready to put the mattress back on. So I used my remaining lumber (the pieces they cut off for me at Lowes) to create a wider, longer and more attractive look for the attached end tables and bench on the bed. I placed one screw in the middle, 4" from the end on both sides of each board.
Left End Table
Boarding it all up!
Until I had...
Best, God inspired, nights sleep EVER!!
The final product!!

Later I may come back with another article on staining and sealing the wood but for now I am really loving the unfinished wood look. 

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Suggested materials:

  • Five shelving units purchased ten years ago for this purpose. two small 15x15x15 cube shelfs at the front of the bed, two 15 h x 15 w x 29 1/2 L and one 15 h x 15 w x 59 L.  (Purchased online. You can use old ones around the house or purchase something that fits your style.)
  • Two 2x6 80" boards  (Lowes - Cost about $5.56 each and)
  • Eleven 2x4 62" boards  (Lowes - Cost about $3.29 each)
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  • Ginny Rawsthorne
    on May 17, 2017

    How much weight can those cabinets support? They look like MDF/particle board?
    • Jacquelinn Kai
      on May 19, 2017

      I'm not sure of the exact weight limit they can support...however, they have been supporting the weight of the wood (see list of dimensions), my weight, at times my daughter and the eleven pound chi-yorkie (She's small and very cute but very heavy boned) for over two weeks now. I would estimate the total weight they are holding to be anywhere from 100 - 255 pounds. Keep in mind this weight is being disbursed between the different units. If anything I can see that I may need to do a little reinforcement on the two front units.
  • Val
    on May 18, 2017

    This looks very much like something I really need to do, is the entire bottom blocked off or is it open? I need to make sure my bed isn't open for my cats to hide underneath. A few years ago, one of my cats had a urinary blockage and the poor baby was under the bed, leaking away. I cleaned it but want it blocked off so cats don't go there and think it's cool to "go" under there. currently, I have it blocked off with super classy Costco cardboard. Now I have no where to put the winter clothes which I used to store under the bed. Sorry for the novel.
    • Jacquelinn Kai
      on May 19, 2017

      No, no worries. Actually, unfortunately for your situation, except for the shelves used as legs the underneath is completely open like, according to my daughter, a little clubhouse. I have even made a bed for our dog underneath it and a space that is out of sight for her to do her business without us having to walk her or rush her outside before she wets the floor. I just keep the grass mat clean and sprayed with Simple Green so theres no smell in the room And change out the pee pad underneath when its full.

      However, if you put shelves back to back all the way around the bed...you could keep your cats from getting underneath, design a way for you to easily access and to utilize the storage underneath the bed and have the additional storage all around the outside of the bed as well.
  • C. D. Scallan
    on May 22, 2017

    Nice job! Where did you purchase the shelving units?
    • Jacquelinn Kai
      on May 25, 2017

      Thank you and sorry it took me a while to reply, lots to do for the family!

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  • Hb
    on May 30, 2017

    Love this however , the only thing I would absolutely NOT want under my bed is a place for my dog to do its business. That to me would be gross.
    • Jacquelinn Kai
      on May 30, 2017

      Thanks. its actually not at all, it's no different than putting a pee pad anyplace else in your home. At least this way it looks a lot better. Anyhow that's why God made us all different and creative individuals. You can utilize the space for whatever fits your needs. I chose to use the space in a way that would help my room be cleaner, look nicer and more orderly. Since our chi-yorkie tends to have 'accidents' without the pee pads, I prefer this alternative. It saves me time and money.

  • Maude LaFountain
    on Jul 11, 2017

    I love what you did ....but I'm still trying to figure out your Board Dimensions....I have never heard of a 2x4x6 80 inches long ....its either 2x4 or 2x6.. I just figured you wrote down the size of the board wrong ....other than that I love the extra storage Idea and the place for your little doggy ...i have a small dog and she goes under my bed all the time but this would be better for her to have a pillow bed and potty pad under there ....love it
    • Jacquelinn Kai
      on Jul 12, 2017

      TY! I purchased a 2x6x92 " board from Lowes. They have a saw in the back that allows me to get boards cuts to whatever length I need for free. In this case I had them cut the 2x6 boards to 80". This is why my lengths may seem odd.

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