Faux Metal Coffee Table

If you love industrial style and want to do a DIY project, but don't know how to weld and solder, then this type of project is perfect for you!

Maybe building isn't your thing? You could take a coffee table and wrap the top with the stainless steel film (make sure the tabletop you're wrapping is squared off because getting the film to lay flat on rounded corners would be really difficult).
I bought this 24" x 48" board at Lowe's. These boards are great because they're straight and in good condition.
I used 4x4s for the legs, you could use 2x4s as well. 17" is a good height. If you want your legs to be angled, make your cuts at 10 degrees, with top and bottom cuts parallel. Sand each piece. Drill 2 pocket holes on the top of each piece using a Kreg Jig.
Connect 2 legs with two 11" 2x4s using a Kreg Jig. (If you're not familiar with a Kreg Jig, you can find videos on Youtube to demonstrate how to use one). Repeat for other set of legs.
If you'd like to have your 11" pieces set back a bit, you can set them on another 2x4 while you're attaching them to the legs.
Wrap tabletop with EZFaux Décor's stainless steel film. It's similar to applying contact paper, but is way more durable, and thick, and is a much higher quality than contact paper. Check out their Youtube channel to see how to apply it.
Place legs on the upside-down tabletop, make your measurements to center them, and trace around the top of each leg to mark where you want them to go.
Use heavy duty glue (Gorilla Glue, Liquid Nails, etc) and place legs on the squares you traced. When the glue is dry, screw into place using the pocket holes you already drilled.
To attach the trestle piece: Use a 2x4 and measure the distance between the 11" pieces. Make your cuts at 10 degrees, NOT parallel. Attach using Kreg Jig.
Cut two 1x2 pieces. 

This step is easier if you have the proper tools. I only have a miter saw, so I made parallel cuts at the largest angle my miter saw would allow (about 47 degrees), then sanded one angle down until it fit how I wanted it to under the table. I repeatedly sanded and checked for fit until it fit properly. 

Glue into place. Tape down to keep it from sliding. When glue dries you can add nails or screws to secure it if you'd like.
Done! You can stain or paint the wood any color you'd like. The top looks like real metal. There are a lot of different twists you can make to this table to customize it and make it look however you'd like! 

For more details on the building process, please visit www.finditfixitorbuildit.com
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To see more: http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com

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9 questions
  • Laura Stephens
    on May 9, 2017

    Where did you Find the faux stainless steel?
    • Susan
      on May 9, 2017

      google: ---EZFaux Décor's stainless steel film.--- this is what she says she used.... if you READ above...

      I just googled... https://ezfauxdecor.com/ and found it
    • Sara
      on May 10, 2017

      Yes, you can go straight to their site to order, and they also sell some of their products on Amazon.
  • Michelle Dodson
    on May 10, 2017

    Do you think it would be possible to "upsize" this into a dining table? Would the faux stainless top be durable enough?

    • Jewellmartin
      on May 10, 2017

      I'm going to jump in with no knowledge and say, why not? It looks like it would take four sheets of EZFaux . . . Film. You would need to be meticulous in fitting the seams. Even real stainless steel might have to be seamed. And check the film's ability to be used with or without a potholder if you have hot dishes. Best wishes!
    • Sara
      on May 10, 2017

      Good question! I was originally going to build a dining table, but the hard thing with a large dining table is finding a large enough top without doing planks. If you put the film on a table top with any space between planks at all, I think the spaces would show through the film and you'd see creases in the film. The Rogue Engineer just built a table with planks that ended up looking completely flat on the top...if you have the tools to do that, then I think it would work. https://rogueengineer.com/double-angle-diy-di...

      It could also work if you found a large table with a rectangular top and covered that (then you could build and attach different legs if you want). I haven't tested the durability of the stainless steel yet...it's made to put on fridges and dishwashers and there's a 5-yr warranty, so I know it's meant to be durable. You can't put hot things on it, though.

      It's also removable (there's a certain way to remove it...I think using a hair dryer), so if after 5 years (when warranty is expired) it's looking worn you could always replace it or decide to go for a different look, remove it and stain or paint the table top.
    • Sara
      on May 10, 2017

      Just remembered...they come in rolls that are 3' wide, so you'd want to make sure your table less than 3' wide (including the sides where it wraps around).
    • Sabrina V.
      on May 30, 2017

      It comes 3' wide and up to 15' long, and in several options. It's also the best price I found. Here's a link to purchase the Faux Stainless Steel: http://www.faux-films.com/index.html
    • Sharon Depatie
      on Jun 11, 2017

      Staninless steel scratches & scores easily & scratches don't buff out. My husband is a metal worker & made me a stainless covered cutting board for under my toaster. Also, be extremely careful with the wrapped corners - they will be razor sharp.
    • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell
      on Oct 2, 2017

      Why couldn't you use flashing as a table top? Comes in rolls and I don't know for sure how wide, but it would require great care in covering the edges and corners, because they would be very sharp.
    • Yvette Huesler
      on Nov 6, 2017

      One can always have a piece of glass cut for the top too. Your local glass shop will know the proper thickness for a table top.
  • Wyldecent
    on Jul 24, 2017

    Could the film work for a counter top? Durability?
  • Linda
    on Aug 31, 2017

    Can you fold the product? Distress, age &/or antique it? Nail in decorative brads?
  • 62q10370829
    on Dec 13, 2017

    Picture shows 2x4's. Or are they 2x3's?. Love the table.
    • Blaez
      on Dec 13, 2017

      If you are talking about the legs, those are 4x4's. Awesome table. Can't wait to make!
    • Stuart M Anderson
      on Dec 13, 2017

      I think it's an illusion due to the angle the photo was taken. They do look a little like 2X4's in that first image.

  • Susan Caswell
    on Dec 13, 2017

    Will that film work for a backsplash?
  • Melanie Merck Brown
    on Dec 13, 2017

    Can if you can use the EZFaux to cover counter tops?
  • Maggie Cz
    on Dec 13, 2017

    Do you have someone experienced to install the granite film? This is the answer to a prayer!
    • Yylowinger
      on Dec 13, 2017

      If you can apply contact paper, you can apply this. I wouldn't attempt to do it without a helper, though.
  • Mike Williamson
    on Dec 13, 2017

    Nice! Is this your design?

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  • Bonnie Woolever
    on Jan 24, 2019

    You did a great job. I really love it.

  • Twyla
    on Jul 29, 2019

    I love the top but I think I would use black metal legs for a real industrial look and easy attachment.

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