Asked on May 4, 2017

Why can't I put a filtered irrigation system to my yard in PA?

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I want to have an eviromently helpful home. I do not under any circumstances want to add human wast to the environment! I am having electric composting toilets and PA said I could not irrigate my yard with the filtered grey water from my house.
Can anyone help me?
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  • This is from the website "Grey water Action"
    Keep in mind that many local inspectors and health officials have no direct experience or training with grey water systems and their job is to both protect public health and to protect their agency from liability. Because of this, they may not be enthusiastic about permitting grey water systems if there are not many existing permitted systems in their jurisdiction.

    Suggest you visit the site yourself

  • Prh13904993
    on May 4, 2017

    Yes I found that out. I spoke to someone and they had no idea what I was talking about.
    Thank you,

  • I find it ironic, and here in CA they will not let you use filtered grey water but yet they want to take toilet water, filter it and sell it as fresh water????? I may need to move . . .
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