Asked on May 4, 2017

Downsizing to Independent living- How should I pick what to keep?

VivianGma KirkElizabeth Dion


I am moving from a 3 bedroom house to a small one bedroom apartment. All my furniture seems too big for my new place. How should I pick what to keep? What are the best furnishing for a small place?
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  • Leyan Henry Graf Walthour
    on May 4, 2017

    sentimentality and necessity are probably the big things
  • Caseyem11
    on May 4, 2017

    How do you plan to use your space? If your dining table easily fits your dining area, keep it. If not, donate or sell it. Is your living room furniture comfortable? Get down to a sofa and two chairs max. Ditch any large coffee or side tables. Can you use a closet system in lieu of dressers?
  • Barbara
    on May 4, 2017

    When we move home we unearth a heap of stuff we'd forgotten about, and yet we find it hard to throw away for sentimental reasons. There's only one rule - if it's not useful or beautiful - it goes!
  • Elizabeth Dion
    on May 4, 2017

    Having downsized recently myself, here's how I decided what to give away/donate and keep: to keep the item had to be both sentimental AND useful. Dust collecting decorations were donated, kitchenware not used was given away, furniture kept was no more than I needed. If your furniture is too large for where you're moving to, sell what you have and buy new. Give items to your children now (if you have any) that they would like to have from you. If you have any antiques and can part with then contact a dealer for sale. When I downsized I donated tons of household items and personal items to a battered women's shelter. Hope this helps!
  • Gma Kirk
    on May 4, 2017

    create a photo album of all your sentimental things which serve no purpose, and then pass them on to someone special. this will
    help you part with the things that won't work in your new space.
  • Vivian
    on May 5, 2017

    Thanks for the advice. I will definitely have to make some decisions and soon!
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