Asked on May 4, 2017

Ivy is out of control & growing under the siding into the back porch!

WilliamJoyce DrummKelly Howard


Want to kill it 'll, but will settle for keeping it out from under the siding in to the porch.
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  • Gma Kirk
    on May 4, 2017

    you can spray it with white vinegar to kill it, but be careful to only spray what you want to kill- it will kill grass, desirable plants too. Spray again in a week, until you have it under control. Good luck!!
  • 861650
    on May 4, 2017

    Ivy is so easy to manipulate. You can pull it partly up and "aim" it where you want it to go...Think of it as a "U-Turn." LOL! LOL! Or, pull up the excess and cut that part off. If the Ivy is deeply imbedded, it will take you awhile but once you get it done, then it is so easy to occasionally snip a few strays.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 4, 2017

    Try smothering it out with heavy black plastic.
  • Kelly Howard
    on May 4, 2017

    Oh me lordy! I thought mine looked pretty growing up my brick back corner of the house UNTIL it crept into the roof/attic! I had to dig it up deeply and after pulling it off the brick it left a mess behind! Ferns and ivy are my two go to favorites but both can take over your whole yard! Redirect quickly or dig it up deeply to get the tuber looking roots of the ones grown the deepest. 😊
  • Joyce Drumm
    on May 4, 2017

    Use a Brush Killer that you can find at a feed store or maybe a gardening center. It won't kill the grass but will kill other 'hardwood' type stems/plants. I have a type of unidentified plant in my yard that I've used it on before and it worked great. But, like mine, if you're not able to get to all of the pieces, it'll come back next years. But doing it for 2 or 3 times is worth getting it all and be done with it :-0.

  • William
    on May 4, 2017

    Ive looks so good on a house when its not out of control. But the damage it can do can become a costly repair. The tendrils dig into the mortar of a brick home and compromise the mortar and brick. It can grow under siding, as it has for you, and compromise the wood, insulation, and sheathing underneath. If you want to keep it pull it out and away from where its growing into. If you want to kill it you will need to totally remove it, dig up any roots and use a vegetation killer for any roots you may have missed. Since it is a plant and not a weed, weed killer will not kill it.
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