Shiplap Headboard

We scaled up from a queen to a king and ended up without a headboard for awhile. Since I have made numerous headboard over the years, it was kind of like the shoemaker's kids without shoes. That is until we (my wife and I) saw a bed on Fixer Upper that incorporated Joanne Gaines' trademark shiplap paneling. I am not hesitate to knock of from someonelse's inspiration. We squeezed in this headboard while finishing up a portions of a larger project.
The headboard and footboard of our queen bed was purchased around 2006 during a close-ot sale from a local furniture store. I did some repair, made the side rails, and painted everything black. Dear friends purchased it for their guest room when we up-scaled to a king.
The basis for the new kingsized headboard was a 48" by 80" piece of 3/4" birch plywood.
The section I cut out is soon to used to make some bases for some upholstered chair seats.
  • shiplap headboard
I don't have any in-progress photos. So comparing the previous photo to the completed bed will support that: I trimmed out the front with 1" by 6' pine; the ends with 1" by 2 and 3/4"pine. filled the opening from the back with shiplap that I made from 1" by 6" pine on my table saw; added a trim element to the arch; and capped the headboard with a 2" by 6" piece of dimensional lumber.
  • shiplap headboard
We painted it a macadamia color, which is one of the wall colors in the room. Brushing/rubbing on dark waxandfinish coating with polyurethane gave it an aged appearance but also significantly darked the color from th macadamia. color

My wife is still in the process of finalizing the bedding/pillows and we plan to design some simple wall mounted nightstands.

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