What is the best remedy to get rid of snakes in yard?

we live on a canal and have landscaping all around the house perimeter.
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  • Dana.cosner Dana.cosner on May 05, 2017
    We sprinkle moth ball pellets around where we don't want the snakes to go. Seems to work for us.
    • Becky Aguilar Becky Aguilar on May 05, 2017
      Thank you. Think I've heard that before. We did sprinkle product around we got at HD, "Snake Away". After couple days haven't seen one but know they're still there.
  • Crystal Crystal on May 05, 2017
    check out serpent guard you can get it at you local homedepot
  • Sharon Sharon on May 06, 2017
    Set up a few plastic owls (I got mine from the dollar store for 2.50 each) snakes don't like them . Owls eat snakes. Good luck.
  • Amanda Amanda on May 06, 2017
    my kids pediatrician said to put lime all over the yard, because it burn the snakes bellies
    and they won't come in the he yard. We've tried it for a few years now and guess what "no snakes" and we were seeing a few copperheads . It really works
  • Lorinda Sabin Lorinda Sabin on May 06, 2017
    Thanks for sharing your idea, I believe your on to something!
  • Toneyarin Toneyarin on May 17, 2018
    I have a big problem with snakes around the house at the farm. The ground snakes (puffadders) are not too much of a problem apart from being poisonous. They are easily kept away using ammonia sprayed at the doors, or a sprinkling of granular swimming pool chlorine. The problem are the semi arboreal and arboreal snakes (rinkhals - a type of cobra, cape cobra and black mamba) The rinkhals are often found around houses and barns, and can be a very big problem, especially for pets. The mamba are very aggressive and territorial, and easily dispatch dogs, cats wild game and of course humans. They are attracted to the house because of bats, squirrels and wood hoopoes. The easies way of dealing with this group in all honesty is with a 12 Gauge. The shotgun plays havoc with the paint finishes, thatch roof and furniture, but any damage is preferable to having a resident mamba in your kitchen! I have noticed that all the snakes are repelled by chlorine (the best for durability are the chlorine tablets from swimming pools). I have heard that the 'harpic' chlorine toilet deodorisers work as well, but I have not tried them myself. These might be the best bet for you, as you can hang them on your benches. I have also heard that most aromatic sprays such as citronella mosquito repellent work as well, but I doubt they will have any form of lasting effect. A few years ago we got a few solar powered snake repellers https://thehomedweller.com/best-snake-repellents/ which were manufactured in Australia. They are meant to work by making a vibration every minute or so. They might work on Australian snakes, but seemed to have no effect on our African snakes a
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