Asked on May 5, 2017

Rabbits ate off my cotton candy grasses. Will they still grow ..?

C.B.Nancy TurnerAmanda


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  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 5, 2017

    Pink mushy grass?How much did they eat?
  • Amanda
    on May 6, 2017

    yes they will but definitely set out some dryer sheets around the things don't w them to eat
  • Nancy Turner
    on May 8, 2017

    You try spraying them with hot sauce and water, you shouldn't need it full strength. Rabbits don't like cayenne pepper around bulbs, so shouldn't like it sprayed on grasses. Make sure you reapply if it rains or you have a lot of heavy dew. Maybe they will learn not to try to eat the grass after a while. I know they like to eat the new sprouts of all my spring bulbs, but after keeping the powder applied on the ground for about two weeks they haven't touched any of them after that.
  • C.B.
    on May 8, 2017

    yes, wonderful thing about the grasses...they almost always grow back from their roots...the longer they have had to establish themselves, the better their outcome when rabbits or any critter nibbles them down.
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