Asked on May 6, 2017

Best Soft Close Hinges and is it very easy to install?



the link below is from our research for easy install Soft Close Kitchen cabinet hinges/modules:
Rok Hardware 10 Pack Soft Close Damper for Cabinet Doors / Compact / Soft Close Adapter / Nickel / Hardware / Hinge

Question is whether this is really a good option for Soft Close Cabinets, vice replacing hinges which ma leave wider holes from pulling out current screws and putting in new screws. any input is appreciated! what about cabinet drawers??

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  • William
    on May 6, 2017

    This a great option for people who don't want the expense of replacing hinges. Rok also makes soft close adapters for drawers. Just make sure you get the right ones for your drawers. I definitely would use them. Saves the time and money replacing hinges and/or drawer slides. And you'd be stuck with a bunch of hinges and slides
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