Asked on May 6, 2017

How can I get rid of poison ivy?

Peggy BurnetteGma KirkLaura Wands


My front yard is shaded by 2 large trees. We have jasmine ground cover instead of grass. There is poison ivy mixed in with the ground cover. I want to get rid of the poison ivy without killing the ground cover too.
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  • Shawna Bailey
    on May 7, 2017

    You can try finding the starting point of the poison ivy (use gloves and poke around a bit) it will probably have more than one starting point, and then salt exactly where it is. It will leave a small bald patch right where you salt but will kill the poison ivy
  • Laura Wands
    on May 7, 2017

    Yeah, the only true way to just kill the ivy without killing anything else is by doing as Shawna suggested, or finding the base of the plant and pulling it out physically. There isn't any spray or item that just works on poison ivy.
    If you're susceptible to break outs, ask around. If I lived in your area I'd come over and rip it out for you. Im not bothered by it. Many people aren't. You probably have a friend or acquaintance that poison ivy won't make break out and they can safely remove it for you.
    • Laura Ailing-Garrett
      on May 7, 2017

      Wash asap with Dawn dish soap. Apply on a wash cloth as it breaks down the oil. I would do this a few times. Use a different wash cloth each time.
  • Gma Kirk
    on May 7, 2017

    Another way is to use the gel RoundUp. Put on rubber gloves, then cloth ones over them. Saturate the palms of your gloves and run your hands up and down over just the poison ivy, so you are coating the leaves.
  • Peggy Burnette
    on May 7, 2017

    Spray with brush killer, don't do this on a windy day. Brush killer kills everything it touches. Good luck

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