9 Hacks For The Life Of A Paint Artist

Take the pain out of making art with these easy hacks just for the artist!

By Hometalk Highlights

Start Collaging With Mixed Media

Arrange your favorite images on a wooden panel, and start modge podging for a shiny effect.

Clean Up Your Brushes Faster With Oil

Use Murphy’s Oil Soap to instantly clean up those hard paint coated brushes.

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Paint Splatters

Paint always seems to splash all over, but with Equate Rubbing Alcohol, paint comes off in seconds.

For Exciting Color, Use Unicorn SPiT

Unicorn SPiT is great for painting on the grains of pine, birch, or aspen. The colors are vibrant and spectacular.

Break Crayons On Canvas For Abstract Art

Use a blow dryer to melt the crayons into a mysterious and fascinating artistic creation.

Repurpose A Can Of Sauce To A Brush Holder

Ditch the label on the can, use Goo Gone on the leftover grime, and voila! You have a new brush holder with no expense!

Organize Your Paints With Decorative Cans

Can’t find the right color of paint? Beautify cans with tack paper and decorative paper, for a quick way to find your paint.

Create Line Drawings For A Sprawling Design

Simply draw a line, but make it continuous spiraling in various angles.

Blend With An Old T-Shirt On Canvas

Using an old t-shirt to blend on canvas creates a smooth and even finish.