Asked on May 6, 2017

I have a clear glass shower door. What is the best way to clean it?

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I have tried several different products and at the bottom of the door it still looks not clean. I can't tell if it is soap scum or hard water stains. I don't want to scratch it with an abrasive cleaner, but I would like for it to look like it did when it was first installed.
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  • Sharon Susa Courchesne
    on May 6, 2017

    Check out his link:
    Going to try this myself as I have the same problem as you. I find using a squeegee (Dollar Stores sell them) on the glass after I take a shower reduces some of the water spots.
  • Kelly Howard
    on May 6, 2017

    Non scratch scrubber sponges work best for us. I also use a homemade spray of white vinegar and blue dish detergent. This combo powers through even greasy soap scum!
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 6, 2017

    Use white vinegar and water with blue dawn and a dab of jet dry.
  • Kristi Smith Grogan
    on May 6, 2017

    CLR (calcium/lime/rust) is a good product for this. It has a strong smell but works great.
  • Suzanne
    on May 7, 2017

    i use white vinegar and dawn dish soap. Let it sit on the glass for a few minutes than scrub it with #0000 steel wool.
  • Jewellmartin
    on May 7, 2017

    And use a rubber or plastic window cleaning scraper every single time someone showers. You won't have to clean the glass near as often. That bottom part drives me crazy, too, because no one sees it but me. I use Scrubbing Bubbles and a soft sponge for that.
  • Cb322402870
    on May 8, 2017

    You have a couple of options
    1. if the bottom of the door looks cloudy it could be a lime deposit and you can use Lime-A-Away that you can buy in the grocery store or Wal-Mart.
    2. In the hardware department or at Home Depot, Lowes etc go to the steel wool section and get 0000 steel wool. Make sure that it is 4 zeros and then put some dish detergent on water wet the section with that and use the steel wool--be sure it is 0000 if it is not 0000 it will scratch the glass.

    The suggestion above is for a construction clean.

    The solution that I use on glass is:
    1 gallon of water
    2 ounces of non-streaking ammonia
    3-4 drops of dish detergent.

    The solution above is regular clean.
    I hope that this helps.

    Windex uses a soap not a detergent and that leaves a film that will cloudy the glass in a short period of time. I will also build up causing a similar problem that you are describing.

    Bent-L Window Cleaning
  • Susan Jeanne
    on May 8, 2017

    I am a huge fan of baking soda and these awesome scrubbers!
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