Asked on May 7, 2017

How do I clean off grease on car mats?

GailSeraiDiane Coleman


5 answers
  • Kelly Howard
    on May 7, 2017

    White vinegar mixed with blue dish detergent is the best degreaser I have found! You can add a squirt of lemon juice (I use the concentrated version in the squeezy plastic lemon) for some added oomph.
  • Shawna Bailey
    on May 7, 2017

    Kelly suggestion plus a little orange oil. It's a great degreaser.
  • Diane Coleman
    on May 7, 2017

    dawn dish detergent
  • Serai
    on May 10, 2017

    Orange oil, dawn dish soap, or engine degreaser.
  • Gail
    on May 10, 2017

    Goo Gone automotive gel removes lots of things!
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