Asked on May 7, 2017

How to keep cats from using our flower bed as their little box?

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  • Judy
    on May 7, 2017

    Use mothballs in the flower bed. These will evaporate monthly, but they don't like the smell, or you can plant Marigolds, for the smell of these, are great, and they don't like it at all. Also, save each blossom, for each seed, in the blossom, will be a plant for next yr. You can reuse these all the time, and the smell is great. It also is great for rabbits too. Enjoy!!
  • William
    on May 7, 2017

    Sprinkle Cayenne pepper or chili powder around. One sniff and they'll remember. May need to reapply. Won't hurt the cats or plants.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 7, 2017

    Do not use moth balls ,they are poisonous.Apply citrus peels,spray citrus scented oils,place plastic forks prong side up.
    • Steven Jurenes
      on May 8, 2017

      Steve Jurenes
      The best thing that I have found is pine cones. They not only keep cats out, cats will not step on the cones because they do not like the feel on their feet, but it makes any garden floor look fantastic. The best part of this whole idea is it is all natural and in most cases FREE!!! I know from experience. Hope this helps.
  • Marylou
    on May 8, 2017

    tes, I use pine cones! They are plentiful in our area and free! One of my favorite 4 letter words ❣️❣️❣️
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