Asked on May 8, 2017

How to rescreen a window?

CarolB. EnneJsk9585806


4 answers
  • Shoshana
    on May 8, 2017

    Nothing a fabric cutter and a good piece of screen can't handle
  • Jsk9585806
    on May 17, 2017

    go to lowes or homedepot and buy screening, spline and the tool to push the spline back in the track. instructions are included when you buy it
  • B. Enne
    on May 19, 2017

    As long as you still have the frame, it is quite straightforward following the instructions given in the other responses, and the video. I personally found the fibreglass screens easier to use over the thick aluminum ones. Just be careful when pushing the screen in the window "track/channel" with the spline. On the 1st one I did, I forced a little hard, and pulled a little too tight, and ripped the corner making a hole.
  • Carol
    on May 19, 2017

    Let Ace Hardware do it for you
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