Asked on May 10, 2017

Have you had any success at getting rid of squash bugs?

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I've tried dusting, picking them off by hand, aluminum foil wraps, even yellow ribbons. This is the third year they are driving me out of the garden!
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  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 10, 2017

    Spray them down with horticultural oil and apply food grade diatomaceous earth on the ground.
  • Gma Kirk
    on May 10, 2017

    I would also recommend crop rotation, so you are planting squash in the same plot no more than every three years, and not leaving any sickly plant material in the plot (or compost heap either). using the same plot, the pests winter in and come right back.
    I like to stick with a four year rotation with beds that are on different parts of our property. this is my basic plan but you may want to change up based on what you like to eat.
    Bed 1- carrots, chard, spinach. bed 2- cabbage, male, turnips. Bed 3- sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, tomatoes. Bed 4- green beans, soy beans, field peas, onions. ( BUT, I don't grow EVERYTHING every year. Don't have space or energy!  )
  • Cristine Meixner
    on May 10, 2017

    pea hens. plus they eat ticks!
  • Lorei
    on May 11, 2017

    Great idea! Good excuse to get to raise chickens Too! Thank you
  • Lorei
    on May 11, 2017

    Thank you Janet. I haven't heard of horticultural oil, I'll check out the feed and seed and give it a try.
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