Asked on May 10, 2017

Looking for Headboard ideas

Ebalyn McCullaghWgb23380811Pat


Sleep Number adjustable bed headboard ideas. My husband keeps losing pillows. Worried about air hoses when adjusting bed.
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  • My mom has one and we just purchased a regular full sized frame and a regular full sized headboard. The Headboard attached to the frame and there is plenty of room for the hoses behind the bed under the headboard. We are lucky that there is an outlet just there and no need to stretch anything. To look at the bed, you would have no idea that it is a Sleep Number.
  • Jodi Murray Hendon
    on May 11, 2017

    We've had a Sleep Number, King-sized, for years, and I bought a headboard kit off eBay. I found fabric that I liked, sort of a thick, plush upholstery fabric, and used that to cover the padded headboard. It easily attached to the mattress frame that came with the bed, and didn't touch the hoses.
  • Pat
    on May 11, 2017

    We have our headboard unattached to our bed frame.....the headboard is against the wall and the weight of the mattress and box spring hold it tight. Not a Sleep Number Bed however.
  • Wgb23380811
    on May 14, 2017

    Any head board just flat and don't attach
  • Ebalyn McCullagh
    on May 15, 2017

    Thanks. Guess I was worried needlessly about the hoses!

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