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Master Closet Build

When we bought our house, the Master Bedroom Closet was absolutely empty...no shelves, rods, anything.....so this was our solution!
When we bought our house, the Master Bedroom closet was literally a blank space. There were no shelves, rods, etc, so we knew we needed to figure out something quick! Please excuse my lack of "in progress" pics on this project as we were working so fast I forgot to get many taken....The space is approx 94" deep by 72" wide, so it was a nice large space to work with. We knew we needed shelving as well as hanging rods, so I sketched out a simple plan to build.
This is the basic plan we worked from. Everything here is approx dimensions to fit our particular space. We bought 1x16x8' edge Glued Finger Joint Pine Boards at Lowe's for the project because we wanted the shelves to be plenty deep, plus they were less expensive than solid pine boards. The ones we bought cost $19.97 each. We cut all of the boards, sanded them and painted them before beginning the actual build. We used sheetrock screws to attach the two outer boards to the wall for stability and strength, then used short pieces of 1x2 pine attached with sheetrock screws to lay our shelves on. The hanging rods are pieces of plain galvanized plumbing pipe cut to size, and we attached them with standard closet pole rod hangers screwed into the upright wood pieces.
This shows the work in progress. The boards are all in place, and we are laying vinyl shelf liner on the shelves at this stage. You can get a better idea of the construction from this view. On the opposite wall of the closet, we copied this same pattern and built another unit exactly like this one so we each have our own side.
This shows the opposite side of the closet...which is a mirror image of the other side. As you can see, we have started loading clothes, etc in the closet at this point.
Finally, all of our clothes are loaded in...along with the ironing board and supplies, and a small step stool that is great for reaching the top shelves. Now...we just need to purge about half of our wardrobes to get this closet organized....maybe another day! LOL

Overall, we spent roughly $325 to complete this project. For us, it was well worth it to have all of the extra shelving, hanging space, etc available.

Materials used for this project:

  • Lumber, Galvanized Pipe, Closet Pole Hangers, Shelf Liner, Paint   (Lowes)
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