Front door needs spiffing up and repair.

The wood door has a vertical crack that we filled with wood putty but when it freezes is winter it cracks and falls out. This entryway needs help to make it more inviting!
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  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on May 11, 2017
    Not sure where on the door the crack is, but have you considered a kick plate? Also to make the entrywaymore inviting , try a small table with a mirror above it.
  • David David on May 12, 2017
    For the crack, I suggest obtaining 3 large clamps wide enough to clamp your door. Clean out the crack area, apply strong wood glue, such as Gorilla Glue to the crack, and then securly clamp the door. Wipe up any excess glue, and let it cure 24 hours. Problem should be gone!
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    • Sherri Dyer Sherri Dyer on May 12, 2017
      Thank you!
  • Sherri Dyer Sherri Dyer on May 12, 2017
    Thank you both for the great ideas!
  • Carolyn Carolyn on May 12, 2017
    Depending on position of crack, could always add molding details that cover the crack. Sort of like adding false decorative wall panels to walls.
  • Sherri Dyer Sherri Dyer on May 12, 2017
    Than you but unfortunately the crack is to close to the center.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 10, 2021

    Hello there,

    Maybe a slither of wood or a new door? or Clad the door over! Best wishes.