Asked on May 11, 2017

I want to make an organizing set of drawers...

C. D. ScallanCori Widen


It has metal bars for the support for the drawers. Any ideas about where to start for the measurements on the bars? The drawers are going to be wooden crates that I will stain. I don't want to have it look like it's all bars. Any ideas?
Thxs Heather
2 answers
  • Cori Widen
    on May 11, 2017

    Ahh I'm trying to think! Do you have a photo maybe of something similar??
  • C. D. Scallan
    on May 17, 2017

    Are you talking about the project that uses crates from Michael's as drawers ? I looked for it and couldn't find it . I would measure the height of the crate, add at least two inches, and place your hardware accordingly . I hope that helps . Please post pictures of the finished product !
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