Asked on May 11, 2017

What are the best perennials for a shady garden?

Just peachyJace MattsonBookmom22


must be deer resistant, preferably drought resistant as well [we're on wells so i can't spend a lot of time watering when we're not getting lots of rain]. ground is somewhat acidic and deep soil is more sand than not. surrounded by pine trees. moles and voles in the ground as well. such fun!  thanks.
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  • Cori Widen
    on May 12, 2017

    Ajuga and foamflower are good options! Also certain types of geraniums 🌹
  • Debikfetty
    on May 12, 2017

    Hostas are fabulous!
  • Jan Clark
    on May 12, 2017

    I use the website High Country Gardens to figure out what I need. If I can't find the plants locally, I order from them. They're a bit expensive but their plants are guaranteed to thrive and I've been very pleased with the results - both with the plants and that they aren't eaten! You can also use planters to control the soil and keep the underground critters from messing with your plants.
  • Bookmom22
    on May 12, 2017

    I've heard of ajuga but not foamflower -- interesting name. Will have to look that one up. Deer like hostas unfortunately , at least mine do! And also unfortunately it is hard to keep the moles out; we're surrounded by woods -- last year i put some 'mole-b-gone' stuff out on the lawn and the next day half my plants were upended! I also find that I tend to forget to water any planters I have outside, I finally gave up and have a pot full of artficial ones on my porch. But I will persist in finding a solution -- now watch, as soon as I do, my husband will finally decide we can move!

    thanks all!
  • Jace Mattson
    on May 13, 2017

    I'm sure you have heard about Irish Spring soap but just in case you haven't... Hang a bar of Irish Spring soap near the plants that you don't want eaten. Apparently deer don't like the smell. I have to admit I'm not wild about it either. Anyway, it worked for me in Indiana when I lived in deer infested woods.
  • Just peachy
    on May 13, 2017

    Azaleas love acidic soil. Hostas, painted ferns, astilbe are great for lots of texture and color. Try plopping garlic cloves in the mole tunnels. They don't like it and go elsewhere. They moles/voles will love that you've dug up the ground to put in new plants.
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