Asked on May 11, 2017

Exactly how do you use diapers in the bottom of planters?

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  • Hillela G.
    on May 12, 2017

    Its great! THey contain so much moisture- When using diapers in containers, start with the cheapest diapers at your local big box store. Otherwise, you may be better off just buying expensive gels at your garden center. Tear open a diaper and dump the contents in a mixing bowl. Don’t bother picking out the little cottony bits – they absorb water, too. Add water until you have a thick gel, then mix in equal parts potting soil. Put the stuff in a pot and you’re ready to plant. If you don’t want the fuss and muss of ripping into the diapers, just peel away the layer that goes against baby’s bottom, then place the entire diaper in the bottom of a container, with the plastic side facing down. If the container is large, you may need more than one diaper. Be sure to poke a couple of holes in the plastic so the potting soil can drain; otherwise, you may end up with root rot – a disease that is often deadly to plants.

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  • Linda Watson Mix
    on May 12, 2017

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