Asked on May 13, 2017

How can I disguise my stacking washe/dryer in the kitchen?

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My stacking washer/dryer is in the kitchen? How can I disguise it?
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  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 13, 2017

    Is there a way to attach a tension rod?
  • Susan Savarese
    on May 14, 2017

    Alicia, can you send a picture of the wall that they're on? I agree with Janet, maybe a tension rod with curtains. I've seen that many times. Now sure if it's enclosed though on both sides of the unit. I'd love to see it to give you some better ideas!
  • Jennine Renfrey Armistead
    on May 14, 2017

    Can they be fitted into a built in cupboard? or can a cupboard with doors similar to plantation shutters be installed. The only trouble with having curtains hanging around is that they may make the kitchen look "busy" or cluttered.
  • Gale O'Neal
    on May 16, 2017

    Please post picture so we can give more ideas for your area. We can guess and shoot ideas to you, but it would be more of a custom answer for you if we can see just where it is located, what it is next to, etc.
  • Mindy
    on May 17, 2017

    A wall divider on feet could be put in front of it
  • Cre8091033
    on May 25, 2017

    a two panel folding "door" hinged on one side, so you can fold it open and shut as needed
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