Asked on May 13, 2017

Need DIY instructions-2inch fabric shank button.

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I appreciate any help, and thank you!!! I am working on a project, and It requires me to use a 2-inch shank fabric button.I am making pillows.I searched online for buttons, but they are just too expensive. I sure could use instructions on how to make these buttons, because I have a lot of buttons I need to make, any help would be appreciated, thank You!!!
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  • CarolAnn
    on May 13, 2017

    If you look on ZIBBET , Ebay or Etsy under Fabric Button Kit, you can find the set of aluminum buttons and the little rubber thingy needed to make them. It's really simple to make them with this. It's not expensive and you have a better chance of having a perfect match of fabric when making them yourself. I am on Zibbet and make the fabric buttons, but you are probably better making them yourself to save money. Hope this helps.
    • Kathy Henning
      on Jul 8, 2017

      Years ago I had a button machine, but I gave It away, I am so sorry I did that. but I am so happy for all the response that I am receiving from so many people, thank you all. and have a blessed week.

  • C.B.
    on May 17, 2017

    Have you checked out the Second Hand stores?
    • Kathy Henning
      on May 21, 2017

      I haven't checked them out, but that is a great Idea, Thanks so much.It's so wonderful so many people are giving me so many wonderful  Ideas.I appreciate all of them.and for everyone who cares enough to help me out.
  • Judy
    on May 20, 2017

    Kathy, You may also want to make 4" X 4", or 6" X 6" pot holders, just until you get a gauge of how many stiches you need, to make a inch, also. Write this info down, also. I know that I did write you a note in the upper area, also. I hope this is clear to you. Best wishes, J.
    • Judy
      on May 21, 2017

      If you are a believer, ask, and you will receiver of many ideas of diff. patterns and colors. I have many sweaters and projects, that was given to me. . to make. Folks ask, and I can only say, thank you. For it was not my idea to begin with. Have a lovely day, and best wishes.
  • Grandmaquilts
    on May 20, 2017

    I assume you want 2-inch buttons with a shank? Yes, you can make your own covered buttons, but say you need a lot. You mentioned pillows- so you need one for each side of the pillow? Your options are determined by the style you are going for and by the wear it will receive. Have a handy man that can slice some tree branches for you? Sand, paint or stain and varnish? Make your own with some "Bakeable Clay" (Google it) You can buy it online or make your own- there is lots of info out there. place 2 dowels or bamboo skewers about 12-15 inches apart then roll out the clay with the rolling pin coming into contact with the sticks.
    the sticks will keep you clay depth uniform! Then use a cookie cutter, jar lid, whatever you can find the size/shape you want. place 2 small holes like a normal button. When your button is finished, use 18 gauge wire ( like stem wire in the floral dept of your craft store) to loop thru- then use a wooden match or tootpick
    of th back for a "spacer" twist the wire ends around each other a couple of times and cut it off. You start with a piece size/ shape of a bobby pin- insert it from the top. Very LABOR INTENSIVE! Perhaps you should consider the unfinished wooden discs available at craft stores. They would still have to be painted and "shank" added- Good idea if you paint AFTER you add the shank so it matches.
    You could and a bead etc to the wire before sending it thru to the back.
    good luck,
  • Kathy Henning
    on May 21, 2017

    Thank You so much for this Idea, It looks too hard for me, I just want something more simple to do.I do appreciate all your efforts. they are great Ideas, I do like like what you mentioned, I can get the wooden disk at a craft store, I think I will check into this. and try to cover the disk myself.
  • Nancy Gramm
    on Jul 28, 2017

    I'm coming here late but thought I'd offer an ideas. I've made buttons from plastic rings, called Singleton/Dorset buttons. The ones I made were much smaller than you need, about 1" but these instructions show how you can use a repurposed plastic ring to make larger ones:

    These are the instructions I used. At a glance, the first appears easier, though I prefer the appearance of the second.

    If you decide to do the wood circle thing, you can always use glue-on metal shanks. I bought some from an Etsy shop, don't remember which one, but here's a link to an Etsy search for glue-on metal shanks. I've made buttons by glueing these onto old pieces of jewelry.
    , This isn t a great shot and the button is far from expert but I think with a larger button the stitching would be easier to do and look more professional
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