Asked on May 14, 2017

How can I match up my old cabinets to my new cabinets?

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We found a set of cabinets for $150.00 at ReStore. Now we are trying to match up a couple of our old cabinets to the new ones. Any ideas or thoughts. They are base cabinets
q how can i match up my old cabinets to my new cabinets
Old sink base
q how can i match up my old cabinets to my new cabinets
I have painted the old base cabinets white inside and out. Trying to figure out how to match up the doors
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  • B_b18636569
    on May 14, 2017

    First do you like the color of the new cabinets white with wood trim? If so you could put trim around the doors and drawers of the old ones. I can't enlarge the pics, you may possibly be able to get wood trim to match it and stain. If you prefer the white you can paint them all white. I looks like the cabinet next to the stove is the old one. You may need to still add trim to make the doors look alike. If you don't want to do trim around the drawers and cabinet you could possible sand the wood trim to square it off and the paint it white. Or you can paint them all a different color all together. I would get new knobs and handles for all. I doesn't look like the old ones have a toe kick. You could get trim or rip down a board to make the toe kick. I have also seen cabinets with drawers in the toe kick area if you are tight on storage. You would take all the toe kicks off and make boxes and put slides on the sides. Them paint or stain them. Good luck on the project, hope this gives you some ideas
  • Sharon Depatie
    on May 14, 2017

    Beware the corner formed by cabinet next to stove & new unit. I cursed through 3 yrs of the same dark, hard-to-reach no man's land until I could get rid of it & reconfigure the kitchen. As for the rest, paint the lowers a slightly darker shade than uppers, then use same handles & hardware for all. Use that colour in curtains or floor mats to bring it all together. If painting all cabinets the same colour, consider adding bead-board to center of lower doors & drawers to add contrast. Then use a lighter shade beadboard or tile for your backsplash. If you like the white colour with wooden trim, cut, stain & nail the same size trim for your uppers or paint all trim one colour. Just a few ideas that might help. Would love to see a pic of your finished kitchen.
  • Sharon
    on May 14, 2017

    Are those white melamine on MDF cabinents? If so they make a specific paint for melamine called Cabinent Rescue sold at Home Depot. Krylone also makes it in spray paint. I like the quart and use a 5" foam roller to apply cause it usually matched the texture of original. Take a drawer face in with you and have them tint if its not the same white. The can is a bright white. If the tan trim is MDF, I would make sure to seal it with a clear coat.

    I have also brought melamine coated wood at the lumber yard to make shelves in my closet.

    As for a backsplash .... another treatment might be to buy some tin ceiling tiles to cut and make the backsplash. They also sell the plastic ceiling tiles you could use too. I also like the mini multi-color chromatic tiles sold on net sheets, that anyone could apply easily to a backsplash. or tin
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