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Pamela strickland
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Asked on May 14, 2017

How do you paint a bedroom with a short ceiling that has angles?

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Do you paint the bedroom, ceiling and walls, the same color or paint the ceiling white
5 answers
  • Carlo Tomaselli
    on May 14, 2017

    Paint the ceilings white, unfortunately this was assume when we were asked to choose our wall colorings when purchasing a new home, we walked into a kinleme beige cave. :(
  • Glen
    on May 14, 2017

    I would paint ceiling white.... It will make the room look larger. And if it's a small room I would paint it all white to make look larger
  • Mar7331663
    on May 15, 2017

    I think the white or a very light color is a good choice. You can trim some of the angels to accent them for texture but all white will make the angels disappear
  • Maggie
    on May 15, 2017

    I recently removed wallpaper from a bedroom that has low ceilings and angled walls common on Cape houses. The room and angled walls were wallpapered and the ceilings white. After stripping the paperI painted the walls a light color and the ceiling and angled walls white. Made a huge difference, the room looks so much bigger and brighter.
  • Cori Widen
    on May 15, 2017

    I agree with everyone that white is the best choice - good luck!!
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