Asked on May 14, 2017

How do I keep squirrels from eating the tops off my plants?

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  • Hillela G.
    on May 14, 2017

    sprinkle soap shavings around your plants to keep the squirrels away, good lcuk!
  • Jeffrey
    on May 14, 2017

    Plant an abundance of mint in your garden.
  • Artemis
    on May 15, 2017

    I've tried every remedy recommended and finally decided to abandon my bird feeders; that helped and the birds have other things to eat. I have many kinds of mint, but not peppermint (which I've read is the kind they don't like). I may get some, but I don't like peppermint either, so . . .

    I do catch & release, but that only lasts until other squirrels note the vacancy. We have also used lethal methods, which again only causes a temporary vacancy. I consider squirrels a pest of the highest order and would love to find something that is an effective deterrent on the mutant squirrels that live in our area.
    • Gale O'Neal
      on May 15, 2017

      If squirrels really bother you, it is a definite that you will have to stop feeding birds in your area. Seems you cannot have one without the other tagging along.
  • Chr2522203
    on May 15, 2017

    I was told that the reason squirrels eat veggies and flowers, is that they're thirsty and hungry. It was suggested to leave a bowl of water for the squirrels to drink. I buy the plastic shoe boxes at the $ store and keep a couple filled with fresh water around my yard at ground level so they can find it and it’s easy to access. I also put out dried shelled corn and other things for them to eat. The corn is inexpensive and can be bought at your local pet supply store. Everyone loves nature and wildlife IS a part of nature. After all, they were here first.
  • Nancy Turner
    on May 15, 2017

    I put a mouse trap bated with peanut butter in a half barrel planter they were constantly digging up. The nest morning it was tripped, but didn't catch the squirrel, yet there were tooth marks on the peanut butter. The planter has gone untouched for a week now. I took the trap out of the planter yesterday and was untouched this morning. Perhaps something like this would work.
  • Chr2522203
    on May 16, 2017

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