Asked on May 15, 2017

How to clean the grout between our tile?

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6 answers
  • Dysko7710
    on May 15, 2017

    I sprinkled my grout with baking soda and then sprayed them down with vinegar, then scrub with a wet scrubbing brush or wet strong cloth. This worked great for me.
  • Maura White
    on May 15, 2017

    Have you tried Norwex Cleaning Paste?? That stuff rocks!! It's all natural too - marble powder, soap, and coconut oil. I can send you a link if you are interested.

  • Debbie King
    on May 15, 2017

    Toilet bowl cleaner, let sit then scrub with a scrub brush. Will come back up
  • Big Al
    on May 16, 2017

    7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia (or lemon juice) and 1/4 cup vinegar; I put this mixture in an old dishwashing liquid container and squirted it on the floor grout and used an old toothbrush. It cleaned it beautifully!
  • Cori Widen
    on May 16, 2017

    A bleach pen works, but prevention after is also key. I started wiping down every week as well..
  • DSapone
    on May 22, 2017

    D’Sapone can clean your grout while eliminating all the deep stains, mold and mildew with a quality product designed by pFOkUS. Once we clean your grout, we will seal it with a 5 year labor warranty. To learn more, visit : .
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