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Make Your Entryway Beautiful With This Flowerpot Idea

If you can't get enough of cute flowerpots, then this DIY project is for you! It involves not one, not two, but three! Get ready to draw attention to your front porch!
Head out to your nearest garden center and pick at least three pots! Small, medium and large! Think about where you will be putting them on display to
help you decide what overall size you should pick!
In the end we are looking to create this shape. A tower of flower power I call it!

Let's get all our supplies together! Pots, paint, brushes, stencil, soil, and a bag of river rocks!
Paint your pots in the style that makes you happy! For the two versions I'm showing you today, I dug out my box of old spray paint remnants for a colorful version.
And used Junk Monkey Paint for an older, charming distressed look! The color used was Antique Lace. The cool thing is with Terra Cotta Pots they are so porous that they are so easy to work with! Paint and other mediums stick so well to them! You could even mosaic your pots or decoupage them!
Here's where I added a little extra touch with a stencil! Find a stencil that you like. Even add a word! Or your house number! Or your monogram! Paint your pots the way you like them...here's the cream one..
Take you first pot, the biggest one and add a layer of rocks for drainage.
And then a layer of soil. Build this up to the height you want your top pot to sit on. If your pot is more filled, then the pot you add to sit on top of it, will be sitting up higher. Create as much height as you want.
In between each pot, add your favorite posies! Grab some greenery from your garden or head out to pick out a flower that you love!
Here we go! Check out the finished look!
Which one is your favorite? Colorful or a shabby neutral?
Endless possibilities right????? Would you fill yours with herbs???
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Shabby love!
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Materials used for this project:

  • Junk Monkey Paint   (www.facebook.com/shabbychicbysonia)
  • Terra Cotta Pots   (Garden Center)
  • Spray Paint   (Local Craft Store)
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