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Asked on May 16, 2017

Is there a diy that will keep rodents out of your fruit trees?

DebWorShirley HeikkinenDIANA


We have two small apple trees and a peach but every year the rats come and eat them 😢
3 answers
    on May 16, 2017

    Wrap the bottom of your tree with aluminum foil to keep them from climbing them.
  • Shirley Heikkinen
    on May 17, 2017

    Our friend collects the clear plastic clamshell containers that some produce and bakery items come in and as soon as fruit appears she protects each fruit in a clamshell. She also uses foil or something around the base.
  • DebWor
    on May 19, 2017

    Spread Moth balls around trees. Don't put them to close to the trunk. I've done this and it works like a charm. Just remember to replace Moth balls after rain storms
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