Asked on May 16, 2017

How do I keep Hydrangeas alive?

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CADixieJanet Pizaro


Help! I seem to have a brown thumb :( I have purchased hydrangeas and planted them in beds, in pots and even just kept them in the container and they all seem to die! Do hydrangeas like a lot of sun or just a little? Lots of water or sparse? I seem to get different answers everywhere I look!

Thanks for the advice!
Brown Thumb from NJ
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  • Karen
    on May 16, 2017

    Make sure you read the sun/shade requirements. Keeping them in the container is not a good idea because they get easily root bound. Also, when you put them in the ground mix a little potting soil and plant food in the hole and most importantly for the first 10 days to 2 weeks they need lots of water and then, depending on you climate, daily watering.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 16, 2017

    Hydranges do best in the ground in partial shade.If they receive to much sun they tend to dry up. when planting in the ground make sure the hole is twice the size of the original container and only put peat moss in.Fertilization is never done on newly planted plants.Rule of thumb for perennials,shrubs and trees feeding after ONE YEAR OF ESTABLISHED GROWTH.
  • Dixie
    on May 16, 2017

    Hi we have hydrangeas on west side of house they need a lot of water and we have heavy mulch around them to keep the water in. We live near Buffalo NY and we have to water at least every other day if we don't get rain. Also do you cut them back in the fall? Thanks
  • Do not fret it just may be their placement in your home or yard. Mind you I adore hydrangeas as they make beautiful dried flower arrangements too.

    Here is a story for you: one of my best girlfriends aunts passed away. They had THE most beautiful service for her and my girlfriend (who lived in Nevada at the time), gave me 5 enormous 3 gallon potted hydrangeas used at the service - must have cost a small fortune! Anyway, I thought I had a good spot for them. A big fat NOPE! So I dug them up and took 2 to my ex hubby's house, 2 to my brother and SIL's home and one to another girlfriend. This was back in 2003. All 5 are alive and well today and I still reap the benefit from them.

    So you just need to find a spot where they can grow and flourish, get dappled sunlight and make sure they receive lots of water, especially through the hot summer months if there is no rain. Ours are all planted here in sunny and hot So. CA so they need water daily.

    Just walk around your yard to see what may be a suitable location and try. Don't be afraid to dig up and move if they seem to not be doing well. You are in NJ, the Garden State, I bet with a bit of trial and error you will suceed. Be patient!
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