Garden Pond Waterfall

I have had a koi pond with a stacked rock waterfall for years. Three years ago I found a small fiberglass waterfall/tiny pond combination. I knew with a small amount of work it would be a perfect replacement for the rocks. I used a reciprocating saw to cut out the front two large rocks/small rocks on top of them. Then used 2 fiberglass mending kits, found at almost any auto accessories store, to seal the cut. Added a much larger in pond pump and larger tubing which took a bit of work because I had to make a entrace for the tubing. That just took a hole saw bit on a drill. Secured the tubing with hose clamps, put the new warterfall in place (it's in 2 pieces so is easy to move around), added other rocks around it to make it look more natural. Then plugged the pump in, the second picture shows what it looks like now. It is stable and won't come apart when the cats play on it.

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