Asked on May 19, 2017

How can I add pressure to the hose from my rain tank (2000 gallons)

C.B.Danielle OdinSharon


We are in dry California and I collect 2500 gallons in a tank to use when the community water system might be strained, and yard watering prohibited. The hose to the garden is 75-100 feet and the water flows at a trickle. How can I boost the flow to make this hand watering less time consuming, I do have an air gap 4x hose diameter) at the top of the tank, so that isn't the issue,
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  • Pat Ruge
    on May 21, 2017

    I believe the problem is not the length of your hose, but rather is is the elevation of you water tank. The higher the elevation, the more the pressure. If this is one tank with 2500 gallons, it could be a real issue. I use 55 gal barrows to collect my water, in which case you could begin a plan to empty one at a time and gradually elevate to the highest possible location.
  • Sharon
    on May 27, 2017

    Why not put in a drip irrigation system?
  • Danielle Odin
    on May 27, 2017

    You could use a pump.
  • C.B.
    on May 29, 2017

    Height creates pressure...due to the force of gravity...
    IF your tank can be air pump that will operate while powered by a generator will work to build up pressure inside the tank causing the water to be forced out of the tank at a faster/stronger rate of pressure.
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