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Asked on May 20, 2017

Is it a good idea to use Rocks and stones in my garden?

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I am inclined to use stones and lg. rocks in my garden to reduce weeds and make less work with fewer flowers. Good idea of folly thinking?
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  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 20, 2017

    Make sure you line the garden with landscape fabric first.
  • Willow runningwater
    on May 20, 2017

    The weeds will continue to grow between the rocks unless you put down a ground cover first. You could pour Quick Crete (concrete that you put in holes to set poles) between the rocks. I did that in my rock walls to keep out weeds.
  • We purchased a house that had white rocked flower beds. They were constantly a mess from all the leaves falling in them, and covered in mud from years of rain. Judging by how deep the rocks were (at least a foot!) I'd guess that they were constantly having to add more. Landscaping fabric probably would have helped with the sinking, but in my opinion if you're going to do that you might as well put down mulch that naturally decomposes with the other organic matter and feeds your plants and doesn't get covered by dirt.
  • Nancy Noel
    on May 20, 2017

    Thank you and this is a big tip!Share your thoughts!
  • Marcie
    on May 20, 2017

    Rocks are low maintenance, but over time, they do need to be weeded. You could spray them without a problem since you don't have many plants. One thing you can do to make a rock area look a little more designed is to add concrete orbs. I rent, and have a rock area in the front that I don't like, since I am a professional gardener. But with putting 7 different sized concrete orbs, it now looks artsy, instead of basic.
  • I love rocks and have them in several areas of my property to add interest. As previously mentioned, do use landscape fabric first. Now that being said, I have two patches where I did not, and where I live it doesn't matter, the sun baked the dirt (yes, dirt, this stuff no where resembles anything that would sustain life, not even a weed!☺), and I tossed rocks on top with nary a weed. For me it was a way to cover a spot that had no water access and we are on water restriction and solved my landscaping dilemma. If you like rocks and stones for interest, use them!
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