Will you come and make my home beautiful, please?

I cannot organize, my rooms are too small, and I have no talent in the garden department either.
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  • V Valencia V Valencia on May 21, 2017
    Haha! If you are serious in developing and knowing your style, I would suggest starting to collect pictures of rooms you like. You can do this on Pinterest or Howzz. Once you've collected a good number, start to look at these, and look for the common thread. It could be color, style of furniture, etc. Then you have inspiration for decorating your home.
  • Grab a friend to help. Poke around here on Hometalk for ideas and then work on one room at a time. Try to group like items together, craft supplies, baking supplies, etc. Then get to sorting, keep, donate and trash. Shop your home first for storage and then make or buy storage solutions for your needs. First you gotta make a mess to get things neat and tidy! Then when using anything, when done, put back where it belongs - no more mess!
  • John pyles John pyles on May 21, 2017
    Where do you live?
  • Ask a friend or neighbor whose home you admire for help or tips. I love playing designer for friends!
  • Karen Durante Karen Durante on May 21, 2017
    Eliminate as much as you can and donate to charity. For every thing you bring in, make sure 2-3 things go out. Keep it simple and less stressful - garden included!
  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on May 21, 2017
    Keep it simple is excellent advice. Keep to a single color palette. Pick up a paint strip in a color you like and stay with the colors on either side of your favorite. For the garden, no grease, heavily mulch and create a border of flowers.
  • Marcie Marcie on May 21, 2017
    Do all the things above, then believe in yourself! We all started somewhere! Just have fun and play!
  • FL FL on May 21, 2017
    One project at a time. Today your kitchen windows. Next week, the bedroom closet. Plant your garden with fuss-free plants and flowers. It is so satisfying to create your own space with your own efforts and ideas. Good luck!