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Asked on May 22, 2017

I need suggestions for using inside window shutters, I have 4!

Michele PappagalloC.B.Chubby58


4 answers
  • Chubby58
    on May 26, 2017

    Attach the 4 shutters together to make a square. Put a wooden top on it and use as a plant stand. I saw this idea a long time ago and it was beautiful
  • C.B.
    on May 26, 2017

    Depending on the length of each of them...you can create a room divider. You can dress up a corner by attaching them together with hinges & place a pot of ivy or any type of climbing indoor plant at the bottom & let [or train] the plant to climb the shutters & decorate the corner for you! If you like the shutter look as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash...paint them/stain them to what you desire & cut them to fit the space you want. Paint/stain them & attach to a kitchen wall to attach sticky notes on [interesting 'post-it' board!] In a little girl's room they can be put up on the inside [after they are painter/stained] of the room's windows & decorate with artificial flowers & butterflies; in a boy's room, decorate with 'Match cars' hooked onto the shutter slats, put on small hooks to hang his cap/hat collection. Have fun!
  • Michele Pappagallo
    on May 26, 2017

    Hang them on a wall with a mirror between them to reflect light and add interest to the wall. It will look similar to a window when it is all done.
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