Asked on May 22, 2017

Are plant fertilizers good for more than one garden season?

Nancy TurnerMary RussellJanet Pizaro


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  • No. Each fertilizer serves a purpose and most require multiple applications throughout the growing season. For any fertilizer you purchase read the instruction for application carefully.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on May 22, 2017

    That depends on what fertilizer and how it was stored.
  • Mary Russell
    on May 24, 2017

    the numbers on the fertilize bag represent three items of content.First number,lets say 10,means N which stands for nitrogen,(ammonium nitrate)which lasts approx.3 months.And roughly speaking,above ground crops need lots of this.The second no.,say15,stands for P (phosphate)and lasts in the soil ,generally speaking,the entire summer.Third no.,say 20,stands for K (potash,or potassium).Most above ground veg's and flowers can benefit from some "sidedressing"or additional feeding of ammonium nitrate 33-00-00 during the growing cycle.Be careful you don't "burn"your plants by overfeeding.I really like (not endorsing)miracle grow because I can get the type mix needed for the plant.By the way,spread a couple bags ammonium nitrate on your lawn,water it in,then listen to your grass grow.
  • Nancy Turner
    on May 24, 2017

    Fertilizer is to be used as described on the container it comes in. I use extended release which is good for three to four months and then needs to be reapplied. If you have cold winters keep it in the house if you can. I don't, but I keep it in my garage where it is somewhat sheltered from the cold. If it is liquid I would keep it in the house. No fertilizer will last until next season if it is already on the soil. It will be used up.
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