Who Else Loves the Look of Copper in the Kitchen??

First off, let me say that I have always loved copper..copper bottom pots, copper colander, copper bowls, copper lanterns, etc. We've got a few pieces here and there...so when I found out about copper subway tiles I was VERY excited!!! My husband is from NY and at first said, "Why in the world would I want my kitchen backsplash to look like a NY subway station??!!!" But then I showed him I was talking about COPPER tiles, not white subway tiles...Luckily, the husband was on board and so I removed our beadboard kitchen backsplash in favor of these copper tiles. This was my weekend project, and although I didn't "quite" finish (I did get more than halfway through), I did complete enough to appreciate the richness and shimmer these tiles offer!
Time: 2 DaysCost: $250Difficulty: Medium
  • who else loves the look of copper in the kitchen
I love LTD Commodities -- such an eclectic variety of items available in their catalogs for great prices! I order from them often. This is where I ordered the copper tiles - they also come in white and black. A box of 25 tiles for $9.98. We needed 12 boxes.
  • who else loves the look of copper in the kitchen
The one complaint that seemed to reoccur was that the included double-stick tape squares did not always hold the tiles up. I'm not sure if this was because of the type of backsplashes being covered or not, but I decided not to use the tape at all and bought 2 bags of Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks instead.
The tiles are very easy to cut - just make your markings, score with a box cutter, and snap. For small cuts (like notches around cabinet bottoms), I scored several times then used a small pair of grippers to help snap small pieces off cleanly. Notice the very tiny gap along the bottom - I will NOT be snipping tiles into teeny little pieces to cover this, but rather decided to use some sort of trim piece...just decided on style and color.
  • who else loves the look of copper in the kitchen
I love the warmth and shimmer the copper tiles add to the kitchen! Not too shabby for less than $150!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Copper subway tiles  (LTD Commodities)
  • Gorilla Glue Gun Sticks  (Walmart)
  • Boxcutter  (Dollar Tree)