Asked on May 23, 2017

Need an idea for 3 small windows that very high up in a 2 story room



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  • Doug
    on May 23, 2017

    Hello and are the windows ornamental or useful for something? YOu could always dress them up with a louvered shutter. Fast and easy as long as you don't need them for light. Cheers!
  • You could try tinted film (have a professional install at that height) if you're needing to reduce glare or possibly a version of solar shades for a cleaner more modern look.
  • Shirley Heikkinen
    on May 26, 2017

    If the windows are square or rectangular there are many options such as remote control shades, the tinted film Lola mentioned, curtains, and more. If they are most any other shape the options are a bit more limited. The tinted film is still a great option, and if custom work is in your budget the shutters could be made to fit but would block most of the light.
  • Sue
    on May 26, 2017

    To just add color- you could string transparent beads, line up colored bottles, or hang a colored glass mosaic. With all of these, if you get any direct light through them- you'd get awesome rainbow affects...
  • Brenda
    on May 28, 2017

    You might try hunter-douglas nantucket silohette blinds. Can be shut open or put all the way up with a remote control. Love mine.
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