Does anyone know what plant this is?

Fast growing stalk in my courtyard. Sleeps during the day (droops) and wakes up at night. It seems to grow a couple inches each night.
q does anyone know what plant this is
q does anyone know what plant this is
q does anyone know what plant this is
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  • Michelle Michelle on May 23, 2017
    Its much taller than this now, almost to the top of the fence, driving me crazy trying to find out what it is?

    • Julie Boatwright Pettee Julie Boatwright Pettee on May 23, 2017
      Have you ever seen it have bright yellow flowers with dark centers?
      If so, it might be Helianthus Augustafolius, It is easier to just call it "Swamp Plant"!
      We have hundreds of them growing along our fence line. We love the tall plants and colorful blossoms. They get so tall, they do have a tendency to fall over, so we have used netting to corral 'em.

  • Hardyju Hardyju on May 23, 2017
    Looks like a weed.

  • Lora Lora on May 23, 2017
    Don't know what it's called but I always pull them. Always assumed it was a weed. If you like it let it grow. Why not?

  • While cool looking, to me it looks like a weed. Let's see what others think.

  • Michelle Michelle on May 23, 2017
    Yes that's what I thought it was as well until it started getting so tall. So I have just been watching it, before I pulled it. I've never seen a weed that grows like this?? Here is a more recent photo much taller. Thnx for your input.

  • Michelle Michelle on May 23, 2017
    Thanks everyone, heard it is a horseweed

  • Kathy Kathy on May 23, 2017
    It looks like an Asian Lilly that hasn't bloomed yet. Mine get quite talk then bloom like crazy. I've had 12-15 blooms on one stalk.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 23, 2017
    Asiactic lillies do not grow like that.It is a weed

  • LP LP on May 24, 2017
    It's a corn plant - we have 2. They grow fast and are very hearty.
    Google it!

  • Cat Page Cat Page on May 28, 2017
    Yep, looks like Horseweed, if the leaves are a bit hairy, if not Goldenrod if leaves are smooth. Horseweed has white blossoms and Goldenrod has gold blossoms. Both are weeds.